Stump Got You Stumped in Broussard or Lafayette, LA?

Say goodbye to the stump

Tired of that pesky stump in your Broussard or Lafayette, LA yard? Just call Genesis Tree Service, LLC and we’ll get rid of it for you. Let us grind that stump to make room for a more appealing form of plant life. Concerned that there may be a underground utilities near your stump? We’ll call 811 to make sure our work doesn’t disrupt any utility services.

Call 337-322-4588 now to learn more about stump grinding.

3 Reasons to Grind the Stump in Your Yard

3 Reasons to Grind the Stump in Your Yard

Ready to get rid of that pesky stump? Here are a few reasons to have it removed sooner rather than later:

  1. It poses a safety risk
  2. It diminishes the appeal of your lawn
  3. It’s attracting boring insects like ants and termites

Get rid of that stump in your yard today by reaching out to Genesis Tree Service, LLC.